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Our Proprietary Diagnostic Tools

How Camden Delta Harnesses the

Power of People Analytics with Phoebe Insights


We’ve been on a journey in creating a new platform to integrate our combined experience measuring human behavior, connecting our insights to pragmatic actions and moving to real, tangible results for our clients.

After lengthy market research and using multiple tools in the market, we became frustrated by both the limitations and the cost of these services and decided to go at it on our own – with our clients’ best interests always at the forefront of all that we do.

Additionally, we saw a need for a set of organizational and individual research tools and services that could be bundled to provide more value to our clients, while also giving you a partner to help you along the way to implement change.

And that’s how Phoebe Insights got started. A technology platform that is easy to administer, deploy, and get results on meaningful employee insights.

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Breaking Barriers te Beome Data Driven with Phoebe Insights

How We Help You

Phoebe Insights is an agile and flexible system which allows our clients to gain true organizational insights of any type of data that you can imagine. Here are just some of the ways Phoebe Insights provides organizational insights to you:

Employee Engagement ∙ Workforce Experience ∙ Organizational Culture ∙ Diversity & Inclusion ∙ Leadership 360’s ∙ Team Effectiveness ∙ HR Effectiveness ∙ Total Rewards Value ∙ Change Readiness/Adoption

Do you have a unique challenge that nobody else is prepared to take on? Then we’d love to hear from you. We specialize in creating custom diagnostics and surveys for clients.

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Align Your Workforce for Strategic Change 

The landscape of business shifts constantly. Organizations go through constant transformation processes, commission plan adjustments, policies and procedures changes, tax law and policy, mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, internal organizations (Finance, HR, Marketing, etc.) are also flexing to new realities and tailoring their services to meet the needs of your business. Our library of organizational diagnostic tools include: 

  • Change Readiness and Adoption

  • Organizational Culture Assessment 

  • HR Effectiveness Surveys

  • Talent Acquisition and Talent Lifecycle Management

Phoebe Insights is a modern organizational insights and analytics platform that allows you to collect data as frequently as things change with your business. Which, if you’re like most businesses today, is daily.

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What Should an Aspiring Leader do to Inspire their People?

You invest a lot of time and effort in identifying and developing your future leaders. Succession planning is a key, strategic activity for most organizations. But is your only way of tracking progress to goals using generic employee assessments? Or worse, is your leader development entirely subjective and based only on manager feedback?

How are our High Potential Workers Doing with their Personal Development?

Phoebe Insights provides the flexibility and agility to allow you to gather 360-degree data on the development of your future leaders as frequently and as comprehensively as you need.  We’ve developed market-tested tools to quickly gather data to drive leadership development efforts, including the following: 

  • Leader Multi-rater

  • Leadership Team Assessment

  • Front-line Leader Development

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Do your People Understand Your Strategy?

Much has been written about the importance of great workforce engagement, from improving retention and winning the battle for talent, to creating a winning culture and winning Great Place to Work awards. But is assessing effective workforce engagement simply a matter of asking some questions? Shouldn’t there be some actual science behind determining whether workers are “engaged”?

Phoebe Insights is a data collection and analytics platform coupled with the science of how and what motivates people to do great work. 

How “tuned into” your business is your workforce? Do they truly understand your business strategy? What is your effective “Workforce Net Promoter Score”?

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Moving Beyond Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Every industry can reap tangible return on investment through an authentic and sustained focus on a diverse, equitable and inclusive company culture. Companies that employ people with diverse ideas and perspectives, while giving them the freedom to express them, experience the substantial business benefits. Unfortunately, managers and senior executives still struggle with the traditional focus of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) and how to implement initiatives successfully. Many businesses view DE&I as programs to ensure compliance and market representation without realizing that the relationship of each element should work together to create a sense of true employee Belongingness through a “Culture of Inclusion. “

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Phoebe Insights FAQs

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have about Phoebe Insights!

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