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Our People

We’ve Built a Team of Organizational Experts


Camden Delta consultants bring more than a decade of experience to bear on today’s most challenging and complex issues. With expertise in senior-level positions at the largest consulting firms and Fortune 1000 companies, we’ve stood on both sides of the fence.


You’ll find we’re as comfortable interacting with your front-line employees as we are with leaders of business handling sensitive M&A engagement at the C-level. This broad experience enhances our perspective and informs our approach to planning and implementing effective, integrated solutions.

Glen Kallas Headshot

Glen Kallas

Managing Partner and Founder

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Denise Sobeiski Headshot

Denise Sobieski

VP, Client Solutions and Engagement

 Leadership Development

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Cordell Jones Headshot

Cordell D. Jones

People/Employee (EX) Analytics Consultant

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Chuck Ros Headshot

Chuck Ros


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Ann Mauer Headshot

Ann Maurer

Affilliate Consultant

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King Sengson Headshot

King Sengson

Phoebe Insights Technical  Product Leader

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Mark Hoyal Headshot

Mark Hoyal


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Zachary Weinberger Headshot

Zachary Weinberger

Affiliate Consultant

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Brooke Willis Headshot

Brooke Willis

Marketing Manager

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Amanda Gettler Headshot

Amanda Gettler

VP, Client Solutions and Engagement

Talent Management

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Kristy Tran Headshot

Kristy Tran

Human Capital Analyst

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