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Claire Golec
Marketing Analyst

Claire Golec works as a Marketing Analyst at Camden Delta Consulting. She specializes in building brand awareness through implementing both direct and indirect marketing techniques. Claire supports the team by building the strategic marketing plan for the Camden Delta brand and through the firm’s digital marketing. She also supports external clients in helping to communicate their employment brand and employee experience.

Claire achieved her Bachelor’s Degree in English Communications from Armstrong State University (ASU). There, she focused on Journalism while minoring in Theatrical Arts. Her experience stems from years of freelance writing, blogging, and reporting.

She has experience freelance writing and reporting for a variety of small businesses throughout the Georgia area. Additionally, Golec has been avidly blogging for a little over four years now. Her blogging passions include human rights, arts and culture, and environmental wellness. While at Armstrong State University, she worked as a Staff Reporter for The Inkwell newspaper. At The Inkwell she wrote over 30 articles ranging from the arts to crime. Golec has additional professional experience in sales, marketing, and childhood development.

Claire Golec currently resides in a small town outside of Atlanta with her family and adorable terrier. In her spare time she enjoys blogging, reading, and hiking.

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