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Engaged people power your business

We believe that your people and culture are the most valuable elements of your business. Maintaining a cohesive link between business strategy, culture and people, while forging a new path for the future, is fundamental to achieving optimal business performance. Camden Delta helps your organization navigate today’s complex and disruptive environment – and plan more successfully for tomorrow.

We leverage our deep experience and expertise to ensure that your organization’s business strategy aligns with your human capital strategy. As trusted advisors to an impressive list of clients, we have demonstrated our ability to help companies attract, deploy, engage and reward their people to achieve greater heights of operating success.

Talent Management (TM) Life-cycle Consulting

Building and Engaging a High-Performance Team

Without a well-articulated talent management strategy in place, the organization can lose touch with its people without realizing it. Today, more than ever, it is critical to identify and understand who your most valuable players are, to support and develop them, and to engage them in order to continue to drive change and achieve results.

Our integrated talent management model provides a platform for your business to define a talent strategy, plus supporting programs to better attract, engage and develop talent. We help you create a common strategic platform for change by focusing on critical segments of the workforce and making the most of your investment in them.

We help deliver specific enhancements to existing programs in all areas of the TM life cycle – from talent acquisition and performance management to career development and succession management.

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) & Workforce Analytics

Identifying Critical Capabilities and Planning for Success

The right talent in the right roles at the right time and at the right cost – it’s the core purpose of a human capital strategy. SWP helps organizations anticipate and plan for change by identifying the critical capabilities needed to execute strategy for today and for tomorrow.

Looking to get it done fast and get it done right? With Camden Delta’s technical expertise and best-in-class analytic tools, your organization can launch a sophisticated workforce planning and analytics capability that equips you to gain a lasting competitive edge through superior human capital planning and management.

In a world of constant change, you can no longer leave the people component of strategy to chance. Bringing together quantitative and qualitative data, SWP helps leadership gain more insight into key workforce issues. The result: improved business planning and better financial returns.

Talent Acquisition (TA) Excellence

Attracting and Hiring Great People

Talent is the lifeblood of business. Best-in-class development programs, cutting-edge technology, the best office space and most desirable perks – none of it matters unless you attract and hire great people. And without the best people, you simply cannot deliver the best value to customers. Camden Delta partners with you to attract, assess and hire great talent. We work closely with talent acquisition leaders to help them maximize results in the following areas:

TA Strategy & Planning

We work with you to audit your current recruiting program to understand how you compare to industry-leading practices; provide detailed recommendations for specific recruiting goals; assist in creating “how to” guiding principles to deliver recruiting services to hiring managers, employees and external candidates; and collaborate to develop predictive analytics to make better talent decisions.

Process & Organization Design

We assist in developing easy-to-navigate recruiting processes to quickly attract, assess and hire talent that allow you to meet business needs and avoid being overloaded with openings.

TA Tools & Technology Optimization

We help you with current solutions that best meet your organization’s staffing and recruitment goals. We focus on your needs in an unbiased, objective manner. Our team has the experience to help you optimize current technology, as well as evaluate, select and implement new recruiting technology tools.

Employment Branding

In a competitive talent market, you must have a clear, compelling message that tells your employment story in an authentic way. Helping prospective employees understand what’s expected of them is crucial. Our employment brand assessment enables you to clarify these messages and communicate them throughout the recruiting process.

Leadership Development

Preparing Leaders for Today and Tomorrow

Effective leaders are at the heart of high-performing organizations. They create competitive advantage, generate higher employee productivity and morale, profits, customer loyalty and market value. But more than any other time in recent history, leaders are now faced with managing an increasingly diverse and challenging workforce and a complex business environment.

Camden Delta’s leadership development services are designed to address today’s most complex leadership issues: rapid change, building effective and collaborative teams, and demonstrating versatility and agility in increasingly ambiguous global business environments.

Our leadership experts and specialists work with our client partners to deliver solutions in distinct areas:

Assessments and Leadership Developmental Planning

We’ve helped thousands of leaders and managers recognize their individual leadership style, how it may be perceived by others, as well as the impact on organizational culture. We help you understand the leader’s role in creating a high-performance culture and developing necessary skills to adapt to an ever-changing global business context.

Executive Team Development

We collaborate closely with executive leadership teams to understand the most pressing issues they face, working to balance shifting and competing priorities against the organization’s long-term growth. This includes developing consistent and clearly articulated vision and goals, accountabilities, structures, processes and behaviors for the team.

Executive Coaching

Today’s leaders often become too mired in current organizational issues and competing priorities to step back and evaluate themselves. We work closely with individual leaders to understand and critically assess specific challenges, identify blockers and establish an action plan for success.

Succession Management

Planning for sustainable success and ensuring a pipeline of capable and available talent is more essential today than ever before. Camden Delta’s best-in-class processes and tools help identify the attributes and experiences necessary for future leaders while also clarifying specific criteria and critical elements necessary to identify emerging leaders and high-potential talent.

Talent Management Systems Optimization

Deploying the Right Technology Solutions to Drive Change

The market for talent management technology is in constant flux. In this fluid environment, it’s critical to ensure that you clearly define the business requirements that are right for your organization, then assess and select the right solutions for investment.

At Camden Delta, we understand the importance and impact of deploying the right talent management solutions to drive change. Acting as your strategic third-party advisor, our team works to define the future changes that will drive better results from your talent management business processes through a comprehensive and integrated project and change management program. We then partner with you to deploy solutions to ensure successful readiness and adoption for all stakeholders.

Employee Engagement

A Proven Model to Drive Creativity and Sustainable Change

Without the right talent, an organization can settle into complacency. Human capital recognizes trends and drives creativity and change, the ultimate catalysts for success in a dynamic marketplace. That’s why Camden Delta works closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of what is driving employee engagement and, more importantly, what information to act on in order to attract the best talent, develop them so they are prepared for the future and engage them in a way that inspires elevated results.

Our advisors collaborate with clients to identify specific and unique areas for improvement based on market-leading diagnostic tools and analytics. In addition, we assist our clients with proven methods to take insight from the analysis and move swiftly to informed actions.

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